Visiting the Museum at the Mill

tvWhen people talk about Captain Zeppos, the first thing that comes to mind is its transcendence from just a normal kid’s show to becoming one of the most memorable television series in the 1960s. Captain Zeppos personified the mystery and the classiness that were exemplified by most protagonists that we have today. Just imagine walking around the Netherlands and making an Amsterdam City trip and finding some kids who want to be like Captain Zeppos. Or being on a canal tour in Amsterdam and the people that you are with wanted to talk about the latest episode of the television show. The series has become so distinguished in Belgium that it now has a museum that brings the show back to life with its displays and other memorabilia.

Captain Zeppos Museum

The museum opened in November of 2007. The museum is housed in the best places where it should be- right within the building of the Hertboom Mill in Pajottenland. Just the look and feel of the setup of the museum is enough to give chills to the people who will visit the landmark.

The highlight of the museum

The main highlight of the museum is the windmill. Windmills are excellent machines that give power to any land or farm by converting the wind energy to mechanical energy. And this particular windmill has enough power to boost the Captain Zeppos show back to where it was in the 1960s. Some other machines that can be seen in the area are those that are used for grinding grains, weighing items, and testing the quality of the produce.


Interactive museum

Aside from the displays and the machines, you can also build a scale model of the Hertboom Mill. It is a puzzle that you can create and assemble with your friends. As a souvenir, you can have your photos taken with the mill as the background as a postcard.

If you love books, you can check out the second floor. It contains a library full of books about grinding and milling grains. You will also find videos of people’s testimonies at the time when Captain Zeppos was being filled in the mill.