It is a Belgian television series that was originally shown in the country. It was originally made for children but the series also captured the imagination of the adults who watched the show. The show was produced by BRT, a local production studio. The show was directed by Senne Rouffaer. Its producer was Rik Van den Abbeele. Our website visitors, both young and old would really enjoy this television series.

The main character of the show is also the main title of the show. In the first series of the show, he arrived on horseback as a mysterious man whom the people only knew as a traveler who had gone to Arabia, Turkey, Crete, and Greece. It was in Greece that he was known as Captain Zeppos. He was called captain because he owned a boat. His name as pronounced as Zeppos because the locals cannot say his true name Stephorst.

It was originally created with the children as the audience of the television series. But because of the very definitive character of Zeppos, he was able to also engage the older audiences. The camera work was great. And the location was mesmerizing even to non-Belgian viewers. If tech blogs existed at that time, they would be asking the cameras used at that time.

Captain Zeppos had 3 series which spans six years. The titles of the series are Belderbos, De Eglantier, and Tweng. The first of the series itself had separate titles for each of the episodes which can serve as a guide for you when you watch them during your Amsterdam holiday.

We have created a special page for you to make orders on the copies of the television series. You can expect them to be quite expensive because of the amount of restoration that the studio had to make. But you can still get them at lower prices if you use voucher codes or coupon codes on products.

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