Why Do We Still Watch Vintage Television shows

zepposEven in the advent of new television shows that are available online, we still want to watch vintage television shows. Even if we binge-watch new shows almost every day, we still go back to the simple times of nostalgia wherein we wait for a new episode once every week. We are probably more patient or the availability of entertainment before was scarce compared to today, but the truth of the matter is that we still long for these vintage television shows. We may have new ways to celebrate Amsterdam holidays but we always go back to our first Amsterdam canal tour which brings reminiscence to the viewers.
Why do we still find ourselves watching television series like Captain Zeppos?

It brings back the memory

For the old-timers like us, watching old television shows and movies do not only bring back the story of the series but they also let us remember our past surrounding the television watching. It may remind us of our first boyfriend or girlfriend. We may think about the times when we watch the show with the family. You are reminded of the fun times that you had while watching the show. And this is good. We buy nostalgia for the sake of remembering the enjoyable experiences while you are in-tune, sitting on your favorite chair, and looking at the tube and waiting at the story as it is being unfolded right before your eyes.


Old shows can be watched sporadically

Have you ever re-watched television series that you already watched before either on cable or on national network television? When you start to watch the DVD copy of that same show, you find yourself doing something else the show goes on playing on the television. And this is not a bad thing. You can do a lot of things while the show is being played because you already know the plotline. You know your favorite parts and you tend only to focus on these parts. It is rewarding to still know the dialogue and the sequences that you like the most. You can go and watch them together with your friends and even throw the dialogue with each other.