Captain Zeppos is a television show that started airing in Belgium in 1964. Having just a budget of 5 million Belgian francs, which was considerably lower than other programs being produced at that time, the shows directors and cast still made a very recognizable and unique television series that captured the hearts of children and adults alike. The show had two more sequels in its belt making it a truly iconic show that will last for decades as it was being reshown over and over again in many countries. BBC was able to acquire the rights to the show and made English soundtracks for the English audience.

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Who are we

We are generally fans of the show who cannot get enough of the television series. We love the show, the plot of the three series, the characters, the actors, and the overall charm of Captain Zeppos. We did build a website for people who are fans like us. We encourage the website visitors to invite other viewers of the show and make content contributions about the show and the experiences they had when they saw the series.

What we offer

For the younger generation who are interested in buying and DVD or Blu-Ray copy of the three series, you can ask us how to get it. You simply have to register on our page and place your name, address, and email. You can also ask us anything about the show. We will happily answer your questions.