Captain Zeppos

Captain Zeppos is one of the most familiar names in television during the 1960s and 1970s, especially in Europe. The name was the title of a very popular television series and the main character of the show. Captain Zeppos was definitely the series that shaped most of the childhood of many kids during that time.

Originally designed as a children’s show, Captain Zeppos really captured the attention of the kids. But more than the children, the show also got the eyes of adults. They were mesmerized by the way the story unfolded in the series. Being a 16-week series, the viewers of the television show awaited every episode of Captain Zeppos. It is indeed one of the shows that no one really knew would reach many countries and would be translated for the English audience.

The television show

Captain Zeppos was produced by BRT. The director of the series was Senne Rouffaer and the series producer was Rik Van den Abbeele. The budget of the show was just 5 million Belgian Francs. The amount may be big but it is still small compared to other programs of the same theme in other countries. Even they don’t know how to purchase traffic for my website, the managed to get viewers and grow the numbers of fan every year. Captain Zeppos has been featured in many talk shows and programs because viewers were anticipating for the next episode.
The show lasted for more than five years although the series was not continuous. It was created to be a 16-episode show and the budget was also for that series alone. The studio also has relatively small financial resources which made it very difficult to shoot a new series for Captain Zeppos. It took around 4 years before the sequel was shown to the viewing public. That must be a lot of Amsterdam holidays to go to while waiting for the new series to come up.


The success of the series

Captain Zeppos was widely successful in Belgium. It was shown and reshown for a number of times. Most of the website visitors who watched the show says that it is really the plotline and the way the story unfolded which made the show very popular among kids and adults. Because of these, Captain Zeppos was also picked up in Sweden, Finland, England, and the Netherlands. Most notable in the success of the television series was that it was recognized by the big network BBC to have a huge potential to gain national admiration and following. The crew and casts were invested in the series. Each of them performed their role to the best of their ability despite there was no solid proof that the series would earn profit nike promo code extra 20 off clearance. Their sweet sacrifices paid off as the series get recognitions from different networks. BBC gave a new English soundtrack for the show since it was originally in its Flemish version. And the hunch of the BBC was right on the money. Captain Zeppos was a huge success not only in its native country of Belgium but also in a number of European countries and also in the Pacific.

Watch the show

If you are wondering why the show garnered a lot of publicity despite having a small budget without any notable characters, actors, or directors, you should see it for yourself. You can get a copy of the three-part series by purchasing a DVD or Blu-Ray of the show. Be sure to use voucher codes or coupon codes on products to get discounts on your very own copy of Captain Zeppos.

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